signs your woman is not sexually satisfied

Top Signs that You Aren’t Satisfying your Woman Sex…ually

                         Signs your woman is not satisfied sex…ually

Are you in a sexual relationship with your partner, and you feel that you do not sexually meet her the right way? It is vital to look out for the signs your woman is not satisfied sexually to prevent her from searching elsewhere for sex.

The lack of interest in sex can occur to anybody at any point in time, and it may be because of specific reasons. Some popular relationship experts believe that the best way to improve your sexual life and enjoy sex with your partner is to have an honest and open conversation with your partner.

For some men, it is quite embarrassing for their partner to tell them that they are not sexually satisfied and so they hide their feelings. This is not good, especially for the men, because they would begin to have the impression that they are only wasting their effort towards trying to please their women sexually.

While some men may be active and all firing during sex, their women may not be sexually satisfied, and this calls for worry on the part of the men. Whenever a woman is not satisfied sexually, they begin to exhibit some signs which you, as a man, must take notice of so as not to lose her.

The signs which your woman may exhibit may be visible or not depending on how smart you are in spotting them. Conversation between both partners after sex is the best way to improve your sex life if you lack in any way.

Just to let you know, sexual frustration is one of the major reasons she cheats on you and feels guilty. So try and improve on your game.


Below are the significant signs your woman is not satisfied sexually with you:


signs your woman is not sexually satisfied

A sexually frustrated woman


  • She does not go to bed with you

This is one of the signs exhibited by women who are not sexually satisfied with their men. They will try as much as possible to avoid any intimacy or any sexual togetherness with you because they are not happy or excited about your performance on bed. You may begin to think that it is because of the pressure in her place of work or the jobs that she is doing that is making her not to go to bed with you. Instead, it is the lack of satisfaction that she derives from having sex with you that is making her sleep without you.

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If your woman begins to exhibit this sign, you should gather up courage as a man and ask her what the problem is. If she decides to tell you the problem, you are now aware that you will have to step up your game to impress her. A woman who craves sexual feelings from her man will not go to bed without him. Try impressing her whenever you both are fortunate to sleep together, and you will see a change in her behavior towards you.

  • She does not want to have sexual intercourse with you

Whenever your partner loses interest in sex, it is time you find out why and the reason behind her decision. Your partner cannot, in a normal circumstance, decide not to have sex with you, knowing quite well that you both are in a relationship.

However, before you conclude why your woman does not want to have sex with you, try deliberating within yourself if you sexually satisfy her. Do not make the mistake of assuming that she satisfies herself sexually somewhere else, or you could end up ruining your relationship with her.

There may be some reasons why your woman does not want to have sex with you, and you can only find out if you ask her directly. If she confesses to your face that you do not sexually satisfy her, then you will have to try as much as possible to satisfy her sexually onwards.

  • She tells you what to do during sex

When you are having sex with your woman, and she begins to give you directions to either “go faster” or “go through the back,” you should know that you do not satisfy her sexually.

However, since she is giving you tips on how to go about sex with her, it does not seem bad but rather a form of experience for you to learn and improve. Meanwhile, be aware that if she begins to give you directions and tell you what to do while you both are having sex, then she is not enjoying the sex.

For good sex to take place, both partners will have to sexually satisfy each other well without one telling the other what to do and how to go about it. To improve much better, try to watch some sex videos and read some sex articles to satisfy your woman sexually.

  • She does not tell you how good you were after sex

Another sign your woman is not satisfied sexually is if she fails to compliment on how good you were after sex. Typically, when good sex takes place, and the man is all firing on the woman, the woman will give the man all sorts of compliments and also praising him. For example, the woman will be like, “Baby, you were so hot tonight,” “Honey, I enjoyed myself,” “Baby, I cannot wait for tomorrow’s sex,” and so on.

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However, when your woman fails to tell you similar words as you can see above, you should be aware that the sex you had with your partner was not spectacular, and she is not satisfied sexually. You can solve this problem by asking her how the sex went. If her reaction or response is not all that encouraging or something to write home about, you should know that she was not satisfied sexually by you.

If her reaction is not encouraging, and you are convinced she is not happy about the sex, try improving so that your next sexual performance with her will be one to remember.

  • She talks about how her friends enjoy sex with their partners

This is by far the most embarrassing sign your woman is not satisfied sexually with you. Have you imagined you woman talking about how her friend receives one of the best sex from your fellow man? It is quite embarrassing, especially if you know that you cannot match up with what she is indirectly demanding.

Women who are shy to tell their men that they are not sexually satisfied with them are often victims of this sign. They will continue to praise the sex of their friends while indirectly castigating the ones they go through from you.

When she brings up the sex life of her friend, ask her the special thing her friend’s man does to spice up their sex. If she is willing to tell you, learn from it, and improve your sexual life with your woman. However, if she is unwilling to say to you, look for possible ways to improve your sexual experience with your woman. Be up and doing as a man to sexually satisfy your woman by the words passed on by her on the sex life of her friend.

  • She does not moan or respond during sex

Anytime your woman does not moan or whimper during sex with you, it is safe to say that she is not satisfied sexually. Amazing sex by both partners is in the moan and noise made by your woman. When you are banging your woman on the bed, she is supposed to say things such as “I love it,” “I want to do this all night,” and also make some sexual noise which will tell that she is enjoying the sex.

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However, in cases where your woman remains silent during sex, you should begin to think that she is not enjoying the sex, and she is not satisfied. In a case whereby this situation occurs, stop having sex with her at that moment and go into a conversation with your woman. Ask her what she needs from you to make the sex worthwhile and try as much as possible to give her what she wants for her to be satisfied sexually.

Another time when both of you are having sex, and she begins to moan, you should know that the sex is going on fine, and you will have to continue in that same way because she is enjoying the sex.

  • She will never initiate sex

One way to be convinced that your woman is not satisfied sexually with you is that she will never start sex. She will only have sex with you when you try to force her into having sex. She will never begin to romance you or make sexual advances towards you because she does not want to have sex.

In this case, she is probably not satisfied sexually with you in the past sex you both had, and she is not interested in repeating it with you. A woman who enjoys sex with her partner will always want to repeat it every single night.

You can solve this problem if you get into a conversation or one on one talk with her by asking her why she has changed totally from the person she used to be when it concerns sex. If she tells you the reason, make efforts to change and become a better sexual partner, and her reaction towards sex will change entirely for the better.


Satisfying a woman sexually is one of the most important things a man is obligated to do in a relationship. Any woman who is not satisfied sexually is capable of doing anything which both of you may not like. Also, women who are not satisfied sexually will show signs which are, in most cases, very obvious, and it is only left for the man to notice it and fix his mistake.

This article on the signs your woman is not satisfied sexually should be helpful for men seeking to find out the reason(s) behind their woman’s change of attitude and behavior towards sex.

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