best places to cheat on your spouse

The Best Places to Cheat on Your Spouse [Genius Ideas!!!]

Most times, I see a lot of married folks getting caught while cheating, which makes me wonder if they don’t know the best places to cheat? Let me help out with this article; I will show you the best places to cheat on your spouse, and you will never get caught.

Cheating is complex, especially when you have a monitoring wife/husband. She would always keep tabs on you – limiting your opportunities to enjoy the good life. It takes some defined level of skills to keep your spouse from ever getting to know that you cheat.

Cheating isn’t wrong; it is a way of life to keep uninterested married people happy from killing themselves over their marriages.

If your spouse monitors you every single time of the day, trying to know where you are and what you are doing, this is a perfect post to enjoy and cheat without getting caught.

One more tip, always keep your phone locked – because you will be exchanging a lot of information with your sideman/woman. My real aim is to help you make the right decision when it comes to cheating and not getting caught!


best places to cheat on your spouse

Oops, cheating gone wrong


Where are the Best Places to Cheat on Your Spouse and not get caught?

For the men, I wrote a comprehensive article on how to cheat on your wife and not get caught. For this article, I will be showing both men and women the best places to cheat on your spouse if you ever decide to cheat.

No need to segment the places according to gender, it can work for both men and women. You have to be smart and play the game by the rules. So, where are the best places to cheat on your spouse?

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Inside the Car

If you have a car or the man who wants to dig you has a car, make use of the vehicle. I think there is something fun about digging each other inside a vehicle and getting over it as fast as possible.

  • No one gets to see your face
  • The naughty part makes the thrill awesome
  • You don’t spend on logistics
  • It helps you maximize the moment.

And several other thrills that come along with taking it out on yourselves inside the car – prolly parked in a secluded area.

If you’ve ever tried it, then you will realize that nothing is as sweeter as this – not even honey comes close.


In a Motel at Night


one of the best places to cheat on your spouse

Motels are perfect places to cheat


How fast can your side partner be and still leave you satisfied? That’s why we have motels where you can be as fast as flash and even get the job done.

The only downside to having to do it in a motel is that you might get caught. I always suggest you find somewhere outside of your location.

It helps you keep your privacy and dignity intact. Since you don’t want a familiar face around your neighborhood, seeing you with someone else, which will ruin your credibility.

In most cases, might never recover from the embarrassment and shame.


In a Friend’s House

Who else would cover your tracks aside, friend? I am a massive fan of getting down in a friend’s apartment – especially when the friend is single. The good thing about this is that no one would suspect just anything by seeing you with another person in your friend’s house.

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If you want the right place to cheat on your spouse, then consider having a fast one at a friend’s.

The downside to this is that humans can’t be trusted. Your friend might turn you over once the going tanks. Before using a friend’s place for such activity, bear in mind that they might screw you over at some point. Not because it is terrible, that is just human nature for you.


Your Cheating Partner’s House

This doesn’t sound so good – but we are running out of options. Oh well, there isn’t something terrible if your partner hasn’t noticed some signs of you cheating, especially if you are a woman.

It is quite easy to notice when a woman is cheating because the signs are pretty visible. So make sure you leave no clue of who you are cheating with before you to the person’s house to have some fun.

Aside’s this, visiting your other partner in his/her house is a good option only if they are single. If he/she is married, that’s a bad option and a risky one to undertake also.


In your House

It sounds pretty risky, but it should also work out fine. If you don’t have kids and neighbors who don’t mind their business, then go ahead and have fun. If you do have all these – abort mission immediately.

The thing about using your house as one of the best places to cheat on your spouse is that the information will leak eventually. Your spouse will find out, and it will hunt you for a long time.


a wrong place to cheat on your spouse

Your house is a risky place to cheat on your spouse


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If you are without kids, then you should probably wait till your spouse is out;

  • Work
  • Travel

Anything where that would take him out of the house for an extended time. The downside is the unpredictability of your spouse’s return. What if they return earlier than usual? Damn it; you will be so f*cked!!!


10 Basic Rules of Cheating

To keep you on a safe side, here are some dos and don’ts you should follow before and while cheating on your spouse. If you don’t want to get caught, ridiculed, and divorced, make sure you follow them;

  1. Don’t pay for a motel with a credit card
  2. Make sure you don’t cheat with a co-worker
  3. Don’t tell your friends after cheating
  4. Don’t deny your spouse s*x even while you cheat
  5. Always keep your phone locked
  6. Don’t be overprotective of your phone; it will raise suspicion.
  7. Create a clean dummy email and let your spouse have access to the email
  8. Don’t use your phone is secluded places
  9. Delete your chats as soon as you are done chatting with your cheating partner
  10. Little lies will ruin you – save your lies for more significant occasions


These are some of the little rules for those interested in cheating and not getting caught. Well, alongside the best places to cheat on your spouse, you should also follow the rules above.



Let no man fool you; cheating is fun, especially when the other partner fits your descriptions perfectly. It might be a little confusing at first when you start cheating, but along the line, it becomes a part of you.

Pay no heed to those who want to blackmail you; they are all jealous you are having fun. So I have listed out the best places to cheat on your spouse, any other excuse for getting caught?

Always be a step forward!

Till the next article… ciao!

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