how to make a man feel good emotionally

How to Make Your Man Feel Good Emotionally – Oh My! [Hidden Secrets]


Do you want to make a man feel good emotionally just like the image below? It requires some secrets that have been hidden for a long time. No gimmicks, I am going to show you what makes any man tick!

It is pretty simple to hook a man with your good appearance and flawless physique, but getting a man to develop a deep emotional bond with you is surely the way to get to his heart. Emotional attachment is what makes the man want to spend the rest of his life with you, and also makes him go the extra mile to make you happy, and leaves him yearning to spend as much quality time with you as possible.


a man who feels good emotionally image

Do you want a man with a happy face like this?


No matter the length of time you have been in a relationship, it is never too early to begin increasing the emotional intimacy to make sure his love for you never fades. Supposing that you are looking for ways on how to make a man feel good emotionally, just go through these 6 ways you can make your guy feel good emotionally.


What makes men feel Good Emotionally?

Most women have no idea that men are also emotional beings. There is no disrespect, but a man who is hor*y would make all types of weird promises, buy you things, give you attention, just to have that.

The same way it happens when a man feels good emotionally, he will go all out to help you and surprise you. This is because, at that point in time, his emotions are doing the thinking for him.

Now the question is “how do you keep that emotional level at its maximum”. Which is what I will show you some things that make men tick.

After that, I will also give you some tips to blow him out and make him see you as the best thing right after sliced bread.

So what are these little things that make men become emotionally satisfied?


Emotional Intimacy

Don’t get it confused, I am not talking about sex, or trying to ma*e love to each other. I am talking about making him know that he is the god of s*x and you desire him every single time.

Whether you are being truthful or not, he doesn’t care as long as those words come out from your mouth. When he hears or sees people discussing the subject matter, his ego rises and the first person that comes to mind? Yes, YOU!

He is happy, excited, all joyful, and can’t wait to come back home just to devour you once again like he always does.

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Respect makes him have the feeling of being in charge. Whether you are higher, richer, or more advanced than him, he deserves that respect. A man who is respected in his house gives the wife a higher chance of being free that one who is torn in a war of respect with the wife.

He believes you, adores you, just because you have placed him where he is supposed to be. Men are domineering beings, so you can just use that to your advantage.

Respect him and make him feel superior, then watch him become your dog (no disrespect to the men).


Tactical Praises

What else would make a man go all out for the wife than a man who is adored right in his home? Tell an emotionally satisfied man to catch a grenade for you and watch him do it in split seconds – I can’t guarantee the end result tho.

A man who receives praises for his contributions in the house will definitely reciprocate exact praises to the wife plus spoiling with lots of goodies and money. That’s how much praise can make a man feel good emotionally.



Never fall short in keeping yourself attractive, this is one of the ways to make a man feel good emotionally.

He longs for you, he always wants to be around you, he wants to do all kinds of bad things with you.



In a world filled with infidelity, nothing scares a man more than having the thought of another man digging his wife. Men know a woman who is cheating because they have read this post about a cheating wife, so they know that and are scared of seeing such signs in their wives.

If you present yourself as someone loyal, trustworthy, and never breaking trust, you will have a man who feels good emotionally and wouldn’t stalk on you all the time.

Just don’t give him a reason to feel otherwise – except you want a man who starts stalking you and making life miserable for you.

So what exactly are you to do, to make your man feel great emotionally? Here are some quick tips for you.


Steps to Make a Man Feel Good Emotionally

Just follow the steps for 1 month – non-stop and tell me the result in the comment section. Just do it and give me feedback.



how to make a man feel good emotionally

A happy man and his wife image


Praise Him

Whether he just scored a brace during a weekend football match, or he won a multimillionaire contract, ensure to praise your guy for all of his accomplishments. As he makes his way through his hectic daily life, he will feel well protected knowing he has you, his first fan, cheering him on.

He will ultimately feel like he can conquer all things in the world as long as you support and praise him always. Praising him for his actions will only drive him to desire to excel in all areas of his life, which includes his relationship.

He will make sure he pleases you well enough and ensure that you are happy as long as he can get a pat on the back when it is all said and done. He would not be able to prevent himself from feeling even more attracted to you, because receiving your praise will be his ultimate objective. The emotional intimacy and bond slowly establish over a long period.

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Reveal something about yourself

Supposing that you are looking for a good way on how to make a man feel good emotionally, share a different side of yourself. But do not bother telling him something that will give him a scare, like a story of when you pooped your pants while playing basketball in the third grade. Rather, share a side story of yourself that he has never experienced.

Probably you possess a talent that is hidden that you have been keeping under wraps, or you can even attempt to impress him with your intermediate German skills when next you order your favorite dish at a Dutch restaurant. He will not only feel good by how great you are, but he will want to peel back the extra layers to get to know you more.

Showing yourself one piece at a time will enable him to feel more connected to you. Furthermore, it will encourage him to give his side of the story to you.


Encourage Him to Open Up

Now that you have shown one of your hidden talents, it is time to give him some encouraging words to make him open up on a deeper level. But poking and prodding him to spill his guts will definitely result in a road of disaster. Never forget that the majority of men are not as open with their thoughts and their feelings as you girls are.

Let him divulge bits and pieces of his past to you at his own pace. This is a step that can take a long period of time, so there really is not any rush in making him tell you his entire life story all once. When he starts to open up, offer him some encouraging words to talk on how those experiences transformed him.

When he begins to allow his guard down, and he starts to allow you to get a glimpse at the more personal side of his life, then he feels emotionally good with you by his side.


Show Gratitude

The majority of men do not ask for much, and one good method on how to make a man feel good emotionally is by offering love, protection, and most of all appreciation and gratitude. After being in a relationship for many years, saying thank you is a phrase that at times gets lost. Don’t forget when he took you out on your first date?

He opened up every single door for you. As you passed through the door frames, you would turn to look at him, and with a pretty smile on your face, you said, thank you so much.

That easy thank you goes a long way at the start of your relationship, and yet holds so much power. Showing gratitude for each little thing he does to make your life simpler is the quickest way to make man feel good emotionally. He will never stop to go out of his way to make you happy because it makes him happy to find you happy.

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Connect Intellectually

Supposing that you want your relationship to really stay for a long time, and you want your man to feel good emotionally, superficial conversations would not get you very far. Supposing that you are past your teenage years, it is time to remain updated on the present events and rock his world with your in-depth knowledge.

For instance, the New York Times gives out an everyday briefing every morning straight your inbox. You can check your email to know the world’s latest news, and then bring those subjects up during the next conversation you have with your man.

But ensure you are concentrated on the subjects that you have interest in and topics that you feel comfortable talking about. Supposing that you can hold a meaningful conversation with your man about subjects other than Big brother Naija and mindless gossip, he would not be able to prevent himself from feeling emotionally good to you.


Be the Price

Let us assume you discover a pair of dirty Converse sneakers beside the road. You pick them up and wear them because they look stylish, but best of all, they were free. They hold you over until you gather enough funds to buy the pair of Gucci pumps you have been drooling over.

You have been working two jobs to save up the money, and when you finally get the money, you toss the Converse shoes into the trash and begin rocking those Gucci pumps every day. They are constant reminders of just how hard you worked to get them.

Do you know where I am going with this? Individuals naturally treasure things that the work hard for, and it is actually the same in a relationship. Men do not want a woman that any other man can have, they want a prize. So ensure you present yourself as a lady of value. Let him court you and chase you, and immediately you allow him to catch you, he will want to hold on to you forever.

Support his Dreams and Visions

Instead of killing off his dreams and aspirations totally, why don’t you support him and proposed tweaks that can be made to his dreams to make it a reality?

If a man knows that he has your support full-time, watch how you create a happy man in the home, A man who is excited that the wife understands him. He knows that instead of the regular slandering by women, you are exceptional.

He knows and he will reward you for making him happy.


It is not always easy to look for ways on how to make a man feel good emotionally. To make your man happy emotionally, you have to be attentive to his needs and to know when to give him space. Supposing that you want to know how to make a man feel good emotionally, just follow these steps above.

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