how to treat a cheating husband

How to Treat a Cheating Husband in a Marriage

Should I Hate My Husband for Cheating? What if the Answer is “No”? – Find Out

We all know how hurtful it can be when a male partner is cheating. Psychologist, on relationship basis, argue that legally married couples get hurt far more than the yet-to-be-married. As a married woman in this situation, it does no good to feel down and worried. Why not just find out how to treat a cheating husband? This should remedy the sadness you have at the moment.

This article is designed to teach beyond how to treat a cheating husband in a marriage. It contains a lot more including how to ignore a cheating husband, if it’s good for the situation. Also, it answers questions like “should I leave my cheating husband” and “should I stay with my cheating husband”.

how to treat a cheating husband

Moreover, if your husband is not feeling guilty after cheating, there is a solution to such hurtful behaviour. Instead of letting him feel it’s okay to cheat, find out how to make a man feel guilty for cheating on you and plead.

How to Treat a Cheating Husband in 21st Century

In this section, your trauma, worries, shock, disappointment, and annoyance would be put to bed. You have every right to feel bad and even aggressive but don’t let the loosed act of a man define your happiness.

Meanwhile, be sure that you are feeding your man emotionally, very necessary!

Being that I want you to get back up, here are the necessary things to do.

  1. Talk to Someone You Trust

‘Trust’ is the keyword if you want to perfectly practice how to treat a cheating husband. The mistake most heartbroken women make is telling their situation to just anyone. I understand that such usually results from the pains but it’s wrong to do so.

When you have a marital problem, you don’t require just anybody to fix your emotion. You may end up getting an insincere consolation or worse still have your problem discussed everywhere. How would you feel finding your name and address on the media with the headline “Lady Cries as Husband Cheats”? I mean, this would be disheartening. Talk to someone but be careful whom you talk to.



Do you know that your man can cheat because he thinks you are cheating? Please find out things you do that make him feel you are cheating. Homes are breaking because of this and you should not let yours break.


  1. Make a Date with Your Husband

It is preached often that ‘communication’ is the rock of any relationship. Women who do not know how to treat a cheating husband should at least communicate with them. The communication may not have to be instant. Basically, I recommend at least 12 hours of apart before talking to your husband. This is because you have to figure a number of things out in order not to make matters worse.

how to treat a cheating husband

Sit Him Down

While the time counts, pen down things like questions and revise them to be perfect. Figure out what to say to him and don’t let emotions overwhelm the sorts of things to say to him. What to say to your cheating husband would greatly be determined by the situation. For example, if he is being aggressive, you would have to mind the word choices. You don’t want to be assaulted by a conscienceless man.

  1. Explain how You feel and then Throw Your Questions

Begin with a smile followed by a warm and casual sort of greeting. Charge him to allow you pour out your mind without his interruption. Make him promise not to interrupt and when he promises, begin.

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Be analytical and avoid being synthetic. Most of all, don’t call him names and do not compare, especially with another man. A lady mailed once about her husband’s attitude despite cheating. I asked, “did you in any way mentioned during the discussion that your initial suitor would not do so?”. Guess what? She replied that she did.

This is an indirect comparison and although it feels right to use, it is actually very unpromising.

Go on and question with using, perhaps, what you were able to write down. Moreover, do not permit him time for unnecessary descriptions for any question. The reason is because he will attempt to justify himself.

  1. Remind Him “He ‘Loved’ You”

I want you to use the word ‘love’ in past tense as ‘loved’. If you say “you love me”, it means you are certain he loves you. But, if you use “you loved me”, it breaks his heart. It opens up to him that truly he loved you but not while he is cheating. For me, this is a cheat phrase that lovers should use on their partners whenever they are heartbroken, especially on men.

Reminding him of the ‘love’ is a killer thing to do. It is a perfect example of what to say to your cheating husband. Have you been in a situation where guilt made you worried? This is almost the same scenario but the guilt he suffers here is double the guilt you know.

  1. Go for Medical Checkup

He may have gone raw with the woman he cheated or is cheating with. If you are certain you had intercourse with him during this time, you need a checkup. It is better to know a disease early rather than late. You know, there are diseases that hardly get cured after a long while but curable at the early stages.

You may either inform or not inform him of the plans. However, if you guys come in good terms, inform him and possibly encourage him to do so. A smart man would have tested to be sure he contacted no disease or better still protected himself. That notwithstanding, go for a test.

  1. Visit a Loved One for a While (Optional)

This is necessary thing to practice while trying to sort things with a cheating husband. First, it makes him miss you and secondly, he has times to become guilty. However, do not go too far away. Your husband should know the place you are staying so he doesn’t become suspicious, unless you want him jealous.

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This will help you find out how well repentant he is. A husband who is not fully repentant would cut contacts with you but a repentant husband would keep checks on you. In fact, he will plead you to come home and fill his already empty life.

  1. Get Across Often

While away, keep checks on hubby too. Apart from phone calls, visit home once in a while, spend time and then go back home. If children are involved, unless they are grown up, you can take them along for the short while you are away. Let them still have that connection until you guys resettle together.

If you stay away for too long, you risk losing him to side chicks. A side chick would approach him with these techniques and he becomes hers.

My Verdict if You’re Practicing How to Deal with a Cheating Husband Biblically, Quranically, etc.

Are you a woman who is religious? There’s a way to treat that husband to suit the way your religion administers. People practice how to deal with a cheating husband biblically or as administered by the Quran. Moreover, the Vedas and Tipitaka also have their own way. You may have to refer there to see how such is done.

However, does it solve the problem well enough? Instead of tying yourself down to a belief, understand what your body lacks and provide. This way, there will be that happiness to encourage you to live a moral life.

The Unreligious Way

If you’re dealing with this matter in an unreligious way, believe me it’s the best but not when you’re not doing it right. I mean, whatsoever pleases your mind should be what you practice to unleash your happiness. But, it should not be an excuse to become extreme or do irrelevant things like equally cheating on your cheating husband. Or, simple learn how to make him break up with you without you saying a word.

Deciding how to treat a cheating husband is a two-way affair. That is, it may either be in an accommodating or rebuking manner. This is to say that you have a choice to make. If you choose to be rebuke him, it would have an effect that differs from accommodating.

Is it even okay to accommodate cheating husband in the name of preserving the relationship? Sincerely, it is not something smart to do. Instead of preserving the relationship, you’re breaking the relationship. How exactly? The same cheating husband would eventually turn see your tolerance as weakness. Guess what, a new lover would kick you out before you even plan to kick them out.

Should I Leave My Cheating Husband?

One of the very few ways to hurt a cheating man is by leaving. And, of course, most of the reasons why married women leave a relationship is because they want the cheating man to feel guilty

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It is usually the reason why women learn to make men feel guilty or jealous. Either way, you should necessarily know how to make a man feel guilty for cheating on you in this situation. But then, does this really help the situation? Sincerely, it does. The aspect that doesn’t help the situation is when you make the cheating man feel jealous while you’re still interested in that relationship. it’s very cool to make the man jealous but not when you cherish the relationship. The man might use that against you and probably feels you’ve been cheating too.

In essence, you should leave the relationship if:

  • He is unrepentant of the act.
  • Feeling no remorse
  • Jealous when other men are around you
  • Flirts in your presence
  • Locks you from accessing his mobile phone or computer despite the act

Don’t chain yourself to someone who finds you worthless. However, if the man is repentant, consider giving him a second and final chance. Everyone deserves happiness and as such, no one deserves to be cheated on.

I Want to Know how to Ignore a Cheating Husband

A one-time high school friend tearfully phoned some time ago. According to her, she wasn’t sure how to treat a cheating husband who just keeps begging like he won’t repeat the act for life. My first response was that she should practice how to ignore a cheating husband and then play it out to see the result. Sometime later, she phoned that nothing positive. This way, I can say that ignoring makes things worse.

If, perhaps, you’re still under the same roof with him, ignoring does not settle issue. I would only advise a woman who is 100% no longer interested in the man to ignore. As long as love exists, don’t ignore. Thus, don’t bother practicing how to ignore a cheating husband in a marriage.

What to Take Away

To love is not by force, neither is anyone being tied down to another. Before a man and a woman become legally married, it is believed that both have a high level of trust for each other. Basically, the concept of cheating is always not in the picture. As such, no woman goes into a relationship with plans to study how to treat a cheating husband.

It is also possible that your hubby may be playing mind games with you. Whatever are his intentions, fix his mind games with immediate effect.

Moreover, if your man is cheating and you know this to be something strange about him, something is wrong. There are mistakes wives make that cost a relationship. It is likely that what is wrong is your mistake. In this case, if you choose, as the wife, to be practicing how to ignore a cheating husband, it’ll only lead to something odd. Finally, it is advisable to relate the problem that your hubby is cheating with appropriate persons. It is a mistake to seek for advice just from anyone because you risk becoming the talk of the neighbourhood.

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