how to detach your husband from his mother

How to Detach Your Husband From His Mother – Tips to Break the Mummy Boy Bond


Are you trying to know how to detach your husband from his mother and him loyal to you? This post will exclusively tell you some of the deepest secrets that other women have used to achieve this.

`In recent years, we have discussed with numerous wives who feel like they have a hit a wall in their marriages. These women will tell you that they have a happy marriage in almost every way apart for one massive elephant in the room-the relationship their husband has with his mother.



how to detach your husband from his mother

Family and Mother-in-Law



These wives feel pushed aside whenever their husband’s mothers are around because their husband places his mother’s desires, needs, and opinions ahead of his wives’. These wives want a healthy relationship with their Mothers-in-law, but they do feel neglected by her. Rather than a healthy and supportive relationship, they have a conflicting and negative relationship where the two women (wife and mother) feel threatened by the other.

One thing you should know that being married to a husband attached to his mother is not always a bad thing. A man who is close to his mother is not a mother’s boy in a negative way. However, a husband attached to his mother at the hip might be more of a problem. This is particularly if he cannot seem to function without his mother.

Well, in this article, you will get to know the different methods on how to turn a husband against his mother and make him loyal to just you the wife alone. This means trying to detach your husband from his mother without causing conflicts. It is not necessarily turning against the mother, but putting you as the wife first in all situations.

How do You Detach Your Husband from his Mom?

Let’s consider some practical steps that work. Remember that this is a game and should be played like a professional. Playing like a professional means you wouldn’t at any point allow sentiments to cloud your judgment.

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You have to be tactical with all your moves and make sure no one figures you out. Once your husband notices that you are trying to detach him from his mom, then you are in for serious trouble.

So let’s see some tricks that you can use to separate your husband from his mother’s shackle!


Do Not Give in to his Demands

You trying to detach your husband from his mother can be in the form of she catering to his every need and want, but that does not indicate that you need to as well. It is very vital that you set boundaries and allow him to know that you will not act like his mother. He can behave like a boy with his mother all he wants, but when he is with you, he should behave like a man who can take care of himself.

That being said, your husband may use manipulation on you to get his way, so you need to be positive when he lays accusations on you for not loving him and wanting what is best for him. Also, note that he may not mean the things he says, but will say them to get what he wants. If you give in, he will not stop to use manipulation to get his way.


Do not Concur to move into your Mother-In-Law house

Supposing that your aim is to detach your husband from his mother, it is not a good idea to move into her house. Chances are their relationship as mother and son will be ahead of your relationship with him. Your husband will most likely side with his mother on any subject as not to annoy her. He may even go to his mother when you are not on good terms with him.

While your husband may do the same thing while you are outside your mother-in-law’s house, the distance will help a few. You do not want to feel like the 3rd wheel when living with your spouse.

Supposing that you both cannot afford a place of your own, then you probably should have been together. Also, if you are having difficulties financially, and his parents decided to give a helping hand, make sure there is an end date in mind. If you are doing it to save your marriage, know that you are risking irretrievably damaging your marriage.

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Sacrifice a little

Spending time with your husband’s family or either way is a part of marriage. If it makes your husband happy for you both to have dinner with his mother, then go with him every now and then and never complain.

Mind you that keeping your husband happy can keep his mother also happy. Sure, you are giving up an evening, but think of times when your husband has given up time for you. Probably he spent time helping you pick out shoes or passed up a night with the boys for a romantic date.


Do not Compete


competing with mother-in-law to separate her from your husband

A Wife and her Mother-in-law quarreling


You can dislike your husband’s mother all you want, but if you want to detach your husband from his mother, you should focus on your husband instead of the mother. You are his wife and when he is neglecting your needs in favor of his mother’s then it is inexcusable.

If you are important to him, he will set boundaries with his mother and pay attention to your opinions when you are planning social activities with her. And if he continues to break your dates even though he is aware that it hurts you, then do not put up with it.

If he cannot see the situation from your own point of view, then leave there. You do not deserve to be the third wheel in your own marriage. Even if you and your husband are on the exact page, you are not immune to his mother’s snappy remarks and unsolicited advice.


Avoid confronting your husband mother

It is not your place to go to your husband’s mother and ask her to back off. if you want to discuss something with anyone about the situation, it is your husband you need to talk to. Do not come from a place of being furious, though. When you approach the subject, you are sensitive and tell him that you feel a bit jealous and would like more alone time with him.

Remind him that you like his mother and do not mind going to her house for dinner once every month, but she should not be coming on all of your activities and dates due to the fact she is lonely.

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Give some explanations to her that you do not want her out of your lives, but you both need time to link up and grow as a couple.


Do not allow his mother to make your life choices

It will difficult for a wife to cope if your husband attached to his mother, especially in the area of making choices for him. It is one thing for your husband’s mother to make his choices if that is what he is comfortable with. His mother might pick out his food, clothes, and even his career. If he is not capable of making these decisions without her input, that probably be something to consider trying to iron out.

You do not want his mother to become a decision-maker about choices you make as a person or even as a couple. Your husband’s mother should not be part of your personal decisions about career paths, finances, and even vacations unless you directly ask for her input.


Withdraw some of your wifely Character

The aim of this is to let him notice his misdoings of not being the husband for you – instead, for his mom. Withdrawing some of your core wifely characters is a great protest note to let him be aware that he is losing you. If you want to detach your husband from his mother, then make sure you do all these tactically.

Some of the wifely characters are;

  • Advising him on his career
  • Helping to manage family finance
  • Contributing to his development
  • Snubbing him when he tries getting you involved with things he never started with you

All these are non-violent ways to send out your warning. You don’t need to get violent with him, just play his game back at him, and you will be fine.


In conclusion, you should never include her in your marital disagreements. Supposing that your husband is attached to his mother, it is important to look at how this is damaging your marriage. You may have ignored red-flags about this when dating, so if you are now discovering it in your marriage, you need to address it sooner instead of later.

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