how to date more than one girl without being caught

How to Date More than One Girl without Being Caught

How 21st Century Guys Date Multiple Girls without Problems

Dating more than one girl practically means ‘cheating’. However, since there is no marriage yet, it isn’t illegal to date more than one girl. In this article, you would, as a man, learn the basics of dating multiple girls. You’ll be drilled on how to date more than one girl without being caught until you decide to breakup.

Is it really ethical to date more than one girl? For some reasons, dating multiple girls is considered ethical. For instance, in a scenario where a guy is unsure of whom to marry, a multiple dating technique may help. The multiple dating technique would have to do with associating with girls of varying characters. Moreover, this comes with the difficulty of having to prevent these girls from knowing each other.

how to date more than one girl without being caught

Avoid Getting Caught

On a very normal day, I do not recommend double-dating or multi-dating to certain guys. For example, guys with no knowledge of how to date multiple ladies are likely to mess themselves up. In order to perfect dating more than one woman at a time, fall in love with this article.

Before You Multi-Date Girls without Being Caught

Dating more than one girl is not a problem and would never be a problem. As a man, there is some sort of relationship advantage you have over a woman. A man would easily find a soulmate despite being handicapped but the story is different for the lady. A woman may find it a bit difficult to find a soulmate whose love would be real. While men may overlook the disability aspect, they may be forced to have external affairs with able-bodied girls.

As a guy, there are a number of things to consider before you delve into dating those beautiful girls. Consider these:

Why the interest in knowing how to date more than one girl without being caught?

  • Do you understand the implications of dating more than one woman at a time?
  • Let’s provide answers to the 2 powerful questions above before proceeding.

If these questions are not properly answered, then there are chances that there would be no proper foundation for the relationship with multiple girls to kick-start.

Why the Interest?

There can only be 3 reasons why you suddenly feel like dating more than one girl. These reasons include:

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First Reason

Other than these 3 options, there can be no other reason why you prefer to double-date or multi-date. Statistically, out of 100% guys practicing a multi-dating sort of relationship, at least 18% date in search of true love. In such relationships, guys almost have no feeling for any girl they love and it is inappropriate.

Second Reason

The second reason why guys enter a relationship is because of lust. Naturally, men are polygamous. This does not imply that they want to marry multiple women but that they easily get attracted to other women. As such, they ask the new girl out and begin to date with promises of marriage. Are you in this category? If yes, the amount of carefulness you require would be high.

Third Reason

The third reason is that of men with personal interest. In 2011, I entered my first ever interest-based relationship despite having a lover. Had I the urge to be intimate with the girl, I would have opted out in order not to cheat on my then lover. Also, I practiced how to date more than one girl without being caught during this time to save myself. So, this rich lady had interest in me but did not come out clear. Instead, she bought my mind with a business proposal which I so much required. After signing in, she made it clear that I needed to be hers for the deal to continue. I did not immediately respond, so, I made excuses that would buy time for me.

Care to know how this turned out? Well, to cut the long story short, I was able to establish myself after dating her for 6 months. I withdrew later from the deal and resumed my single-dating practice. Throughout the entire time, my lover had no idea what transpired although it was for our own good.

Having had a picture of an event that made me double-date, I am sure you will learn from me.


I only teach people things that have been tested more than once. A number of persons used the techniques and reported that it was positive. I am passing it on to you to better understand how to date more than one girl without being caught.

How to Date More than One Girl without Being Caught

  1. Ascertain the Reason

The etiquette of dating more than one woman at a time requires that you have and know your reason(s). Most guys delve into dating multiple girls without knowing why they do so or what they want. This is the more reason why you find certain guys reporting that they are always ‘broke’. Why? It is because they trap themselves in spending on two sides which is burdensome.

If the reason for dating more than one girl, for instance, is out of lust, you become a ‘player’. You know who players are in a relationship? Knowing what you are in for helps to know what would be done. In the case of being a lustful man, it will aid in covering every step for there to be swiftness.

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I have attempted multi-dating women before, apart from the contracted dating I had in 2011. How was the experience? Sincerely, it was disgusting. I certainly felt lost because I was not aware of what I was doing. When a guy enters a relationship, you automatically sign allegiance with the girl. Once you show love to another girl, she feels betrayed, are you aware? In essence, understanding the need for the multi dating helps to focus and steady your mind. This in turn makes the entire process seem easy.

  1. Be the Busy Type

I guess I am the first to really look deeper into uncovering how to date multiple ladies. In fact, I am the first to really study this concept deeper. Did I mention that I conducted a social research on this? No, I did not. Well, in the social research, I first ask guys whether they multi-date. When the response is positive, I then ask how they do it. Basically, I conduct a social research in most of the relationship articles I publish because I can’t be perfect.

Over 70% of the guys I questioned suggested being busy. A guy named Johnny caught my attention most. For Johnny, for multi dating to work on a girl, a guy must get himself busy even over nothing. That is to say that even when you have nothing to do, something should be done. I have attempted to claim super busy for my baby girl lately. Although she thinks it’s a new development, I’m actually trying to see how much distance can be created for a potential new baby girl (I would not dare try such though).

  1. Create an Archive for Each Girl

On a normal basis, every girl wants to be relevant before a man, including those they aren’t dating. If one of the girls you’re dating comes across the files of the other, she will be curious. On this note, you have to provide details as to why their files have been replaced. In order to settle the problem before the problem arrives, you make them an archive. Archive in this context does not just refer to the storage of her files but other things. It could be anything like gallery (their photos and videos) and any other thing that they each love to be attributed to them.

There are several things to archive for a woman. Some women have their taste for how your room should be arranged and if such is the case, you must have a way of pleasing her.

  1. Know their Schedules (Each Girl)

Women are fun of paying surprise visits. How would you feel if she surprisingly visits while you are with another girlfriend? Man, the moment they each find out, you automatically become a cheat. What I mean is that you are practically not being a cheat as long as they are yet to know what you do behind them. To cut the stress down, understand their time and know their schedule. This will help to know when one is free and when the other is not.

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The reason why it is necessary to know their schedule is because it helps predict when they may visit or ask to visit. Sometimes, you may even have to phone them in when you know is most tight for them. Again, know their schedule and design a personal schedule that accommodates each of theirs.

  1. Decide When they Visit

It would not hurt a fly if you take over the decisive aspect of the relationship. That is, in aspects like the decision on when and when not to visit should be yours. Would they attempt to question why you make the decision? The answer is ‘yes’. One of them, if not both or more (depending on the number of girls you’re dating), may want to know why it has to be your opinion. Furthermore, a lady with a ‘feminist’ attitude would someday want to decide over you. Be the man and tell a girl when to come over to the house and she will be there.

But then, despite whatever girl(s) you are in a relationship with, you should have the final say. Remember, you are pursuing a goal and should not be vulnerable to any woman on this.

Final Thought

Apart from what you have here on how to date more than one girl without being caught, nothing more works. What matters most when you involve yourself in this type of dating is the ability to be yourself. It would be ‘silly’ to let any of them control the affairs because if any of them does, you’ll be busted.

I’m quite sure you are aware of the implication and this website would not be responsible for the problems. Meanwhile, unless you are after a personal interest, I do not recommend dating multiple women. It is filled with the difficulty of having to respond to several angles. Think of this, what if one of the ladies have a problem that requires an extended presence from you? It’s funny right? Not many persons would remind you of the dark side but I will. If you are eventually caught, here is how to get over cheating guilt.

Do you know that girls double-date? Here is how girls double date.

Lastly, nothing is practically wrong with multi-dating but everything is ethically improper.

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