how to cheat on your wife without getting caught

How to Cheat on Your Wife Like a Pro [Don’t Read Please!!!]


Infidelity in a serious relationship is a severe breach of trust. Not minding whether or not you imagine you can get away with it, assuming that you are tempted to cheat on your spouse or partner, you should always consider whether or not you desire to remain in the relationship at all. Nevertheless, we are human and it is good once in a while. Let me show you how to cheat on your wife without getting caught.

You probably have fallen out of love with your spouse or partner, or you may not be in the right state of mind for a monogamous relationship at that time. Either way, the ideal thing you can do is to quit the relationship before you hurt your partner’s feelings. Have you noticed that she cheated on you, and you want to cheat back – but this time without getting caught?

Nonetheless, assuming that you choose to cheat on them, there are processes you can follow not only to keep them in the dark about your activities but throw them off the trail assuming that they grow suspicious?


a cheating man who got caught

I don’t think it will end quite well for this man. Even the dog tried warning him


There are two steps to follow, assuming that you are looking for ways on how to cheat on your wife. These two steps are guaranteed to help you never get caught – you wouldn’t want that I assume. The two – steps are;

  • Keeping them in the dark
  • Throwing off their suspicion

 How to Cheat on your Wife without Getting Caught Using the Two-step Process

Well, I believe that as a cheat (which you aren’t by the way), you must have learned the art of how to seduce a girl easily and fast. If you are yet to master the process, you may have a hard time avoiding your wife’s radar.

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Cheating without getting caught is possible only when it was done swiftly. You achieve your target and move on almost immediately. If your seduction process is long, you might find it difficult to cheat on your wife without getting caught. Hopefully, you have mastered the process, so let me show you my two-step process to accomplishing your objectives.


Keeping them in the dark

  • Set up a different email address

One of the simplest ways to get caught by your partner is to leave proof of it around in easily accessible places.

Firstly, create a new email address used only to chat with the individual you are communicating with. Never tell anybody about it or use it for anything other than your affair. Also, assuming that you also use this account as a burner account for online updates, it will feel normalized. You want there to be a certain level of anxiety attached to the account. This way, you will never forget to log out every single time you get access to it.

Note that you should always keep your regular account logged in on your personal computer as you would ever do so your spouse or partner has access to it, assuming that they become suspicious and begin snooping. They would not find anything there.

  • Purchase a prepaid cell phone

Assuming that you are thinking on how to cheat on your wife, purchasing a prepaid cell phone would let you communicate with your affair freely without having any concern about the charges showing up on a monthly phone bill. Nonetheless, it is highly risky because getting caught with a secret phone would make your spouse or partner wonder.

Assuming that you get caught by your partner, be ready to give an excuse. You can suggest that a colleague left it behind in the office, and you did not remember to drop it off to them as you left for home.

  • Lock Your cell phone

Assuming that your phone is locked and your spouse does not know the password or pattern, you are in the clear. Nonetheless, assuming that your phone is not locked or supposing that your spouse knows the password, you need to re-secure your phone, guessing that you are looking for ways on how to cheat on your wife without getting caught.

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You should be aware that there are several phone spy applications that are being used by women to monitor their men. I have no idea how common it is, but a locked cell phone now doesn’t guarantee security.

It should be noted that;

  • You need to create a believable explanation for the reason you need to secure your phone. You probably say that some individuals at work got into it and discovered private pictures of you and your spouse, or that they delivered a string of text messages to individuals in your contact list.
  • Assuming that your spouse is accustomed to knowing the password to your phone, it would be highly suspicious of you to insist on privacy suddenly. Instead, do not change the password and avoid any suspicious activity
  • Assuming that you need to chat with your affair through your phone, make use of a private browsing option to log into your cheating email account. But do not forget to log out and close the secret window to get rid of cookies when you are done.


how to cheat on your wife without getting caught

Out of 70% of men who cheat, 40% get caught along the line


  • Purchase different birth control

Indeed, there is no reason that the number of condoms or other birth control should change unexpectedly within a committed or monogamous relationship. The condoms or birth control you make use of outside your relationship should be kept away from the one you use with your spouse or partner. Key points you should take from this to;

  • Purchase different condoms when having sex with your affair.
  • Buy small packs of condoms instead of boxes, so you would not get caught with extra condoms stashed in your car.
  • Get rid of any unused condoms before returning home rather than keeping them around.


The second step is;

Throwing off their suspicion

  • Laugh at their doubts rather than getting furious

Do you know that by getting angry at your partner, you are signaling to your spouse or partner that you have an adverse reaction to their accusation, instead of a bewildered one? Being furious can result in arguments, and arguments get drawn out and linger in the back of the mind. You want to prevent attaching lasting and harmful memories to this conversation, and the perfect thing to do is to keep it from getting hot.

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In summary, assuming you are thinking of ways on how to cheat on your wife and also throw off their suspicion, then;

  • Do not laugh in a mean-spirited approach, and do not make fun of your partner or spouse for having their doubts
  • Act shocked or amazed by the uncertainties, as though it would never have happened to you that you were acting questionably.


  • Change some of your suspicious behavior

Assuming that you allow your partner to speak honestly, they may have given you a list of some worries concerning your behavior. Also, considering that you change that behavior without warning, it may only make them more suspicious. Nonetheless, if you have an open conversation with them about how you promise to switch those behaviors, they will show your changed behaviors as a dedication to working on your relationship.

In summary, note that tripping all over yourself to entirely change your behaviors probably makes you seem like you are overreacting or you feel guilty. Do not make dramatic changes. Also, change your behavior enough to display that you are making enough effort to maintain trust in the relationship.

  • Discuss with them about their suspicions

Another way on how to cheat on your wife without getting caught is by discussing with the. After you must have reacted light-hearted, do not run away from the conversation, as this probably makes then feel like you are not playing with their feelings. That resentment can linger and fester, so you should try to address it by;

  • Telling them that you are sorry they feel that way and that you did not even know you are causing them pain
  • Let them voice their worries, and pay attention, and never interrupt or get defensive.
  • Note their worries, as this will allow you to know what errors you are making.


  • Put the affair on hold or even stop it

Assuming that your spouse or partner is too on-target with their suspicions, it may be time to put the relationship or hold or call it off. Just note that even after discussing with your spouse or partner that there is nothing to worry about, or after you promise to make them feel safer in the relationship, your spouse or partner may still harbor suspicion. So, do not take unnecessary risks.

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