asking a girl you met online to be your girlfriend

How to Ask a Girl You Met Online to Be your Girlfriend – Simple Tricks that Work

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend online

You don’t currently have a girlfriend? Or you want to have a fling with another girl you met online, using the “be my girlfriend” format? I will show you how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend online.

If you want to ask a girl you met online to be your girlfriend, then you have to apply absolute caution. The reason is that she will judge you based on perception, and your chances of getting rejected are on the high side.

Even though I don’t support asking a girl you met online to be your girlfriend, it has always worked for me 100%. Why I don’t support the idea is because most girls are usually at their comfort zones while chatting with a guy online. They tend to play with your emotions since they have nothing to lose.

Unless you look like “Steve Rogers” or you are popular like Brad Pitt, then you need some special skills to ask a girl to be your girlfriend online and make her accept you.

I will take you through the first stage of studying your victim (the girl) and making her fall for your seductive moves. I can’t guarantee you that these steps will work for all the girls you will meet, but your conversion rate will be damn so high.

Every girl chatting online is a potential date for you – regardless of whether she has a boyfriend or not. She will only tell you she has a boyfriend if you don’t match up to her specifications. Even if she isn’t attracted to you, you can still attract her

Now let’s get started, how do you ask a girl you met online to be your girlfriend?

Easy Ways to Ask a Girl to Be your Girlfriend Online


asking a girl you met online to be your girlfriend

Texting a girl you met online and asking her out


Let her Notice You

If she is already tripping for you, wishing you’d say hello to her, then the bulk of the job has been done already. There are several ways you can get her to notice you, but this depends on the platform of interest.

Let’s assume you meet her in a WhatsApp group of any kind; you could get her attention by being any of the following;

  • Jerk
  • Funny guy
  • Principled guy
  • Mysterious
  • Talker, etc.

Well, from my research, I wouldn’t advise you to be any of the following that I have mentioned. You could be the talker and the funny guy, but that wouldn’t get her attracted to you.

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The only attribute that I believe would send a girl crashing your way is if you pose as the “Rich-Principled Guy.”

In a world filled with ravishing poverty, who wouldn’t want a money bank called a Boyfriend? Even if she has a boyfriend, I am very sure she would throw caution to the wind and give you a chance to steal her from her BF.

No matter what, just let her know you exist. Start by giving financial advice, talking less, posting more of your achievements, and subtly dropping your plans for the future.

Whether those are real or not, no one care. The aim is to make the girl you meet online with your girlfriend and nothing else. But be ready to explain – if you don’t have all that you write about.

Monitor her activities and get to Know Her Person

Before you ask a girl to be your girlfriend online, you should get to study her and the type of things that catches her attention.

Is she the inclined fashion girl, or the nerd, or the techie female Elon Musk, or…

Just make sure you have enough details of her before you make that move. Having enough details about her will help you know the conversations that get her excited and things she loves to hear. You have to remember that she is bombarded with attention from guys, so she wants something that makes her happy and sets you aside from other guys.

This is one of the tricks to play before you ask a girl you met online to be your girlfriend. Do you flow seamlessly with her activities and her likes? Just get all the possible information you’d need to strike.

You will have just one shot at making her like you, so all you need is to fire in the possible right places that tickle her being.

Throw Mixed Signals to her Side

This is also another way of getting her to know that you exist. Most girls online get lots of attention from guys, so it might be difficult getting attention from her naturally. Before you ask a girl to be your girlfriend online, you must let her know subtly that you want her. This is where the subtle seduction process comes to play.

If you want to ask a girl you met online to be your girlfriend, then you shouldn’t be direct at first. If you meet her in a forum, then mention/quote her subtly in some specific subjects and ask for her opinion on the issue.


Hi “@her online name,” what do you think about this subject?

This is an excellent way to get her attention and flow with her in a subject that makes her happy. I guess you already did your homework by using Step 2 as a foundation.

Get Her Closer

It all starts with, “can we get to discuss more somewhere private?”

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That is all the line you need to get her contact number and get closer to her. Once you say this, the next thing that happens is that…

“She checks you out.”

Checking you out means, she runs a background check on you. She uses your image to judge your personality.

I suggest you upload the best of images that you have. Any random picture won’t cut it; you need something extra to impress any girl who hasn’t seen you physically. Your online photos must be well-edited and should carry so much aura alongside.

Once all of these are in place, you are 99% certain of getting her contact and moving her over to a more comfortable platform like WhatsApp or Gmail Hangout.

Don’t ask if she has a Boyfriend

Once communication progresses between the both of you, don’t be tempted to ask her if she has a boyfriend. You’d only end up screening yourself out of the game. Every girl is single as long as she isn’t married; you can ask around and confirm.

If you intend to ask a girl to be your girlfriend online, no need trying to confirm if she has a boyfriend, for her to give you her contact details, she finds you attractive enough.

Talk about things that excite her and topics that interest her. You must remember that everything you do should go just about her. Right now, you don’t matter so much in the equation.

If she tries pushing for a discussion about yourself, always find a way to steer it back to her. It would help maintain that seduction that depicts a man who is willing to know so much about her.

While discussing with her, try to read her body language and know if she sounds like someone with a boyfriend or fiancé. If she does look like someone with a boyfriend, then you have to go straight over to the next step. If she doesn’t, then you are on the right track.

Maintain that frequency, and you will notice how she always want to communicate with you almost all the time.

Tell her to be your friend


Asking a girl out possible questions

Don’t ask questions like these


If the discussion has gone smooth for some time, then it is time to strike!

You have nothing to lose – except time. All these should happen within two weeks maximum. Anything outside this duration, you might end up getting friend-zoned – which I believe you don’t want.

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If you’ve played according to the rules I dropped, then believe me that she feels just the same way you think.

She is waiting for you to pop the question, so you should do it while her interest is still high.

Are you confused about what to say? Let me give you a clue.

“Hi, babe,

I feel so excited about communicating with you each day, and I wish we are something better than just friends. I want to be that particular person for you and have this communication with you every day while looking into your beautiful eyes. I don’t know how this sounds, but this is precisely what I feel for you and what I want from you.

A simple yes would be the best thing that would happen to me aside from having your contact. Be my friend babe; not just my friend, but the friend that makes me complete like a lover.”

Then wait; never say anything else again till she drops a response.

Three things are most likely to happen;

  • She accepts
  • The girl asks you to give her time to think
  • She tells you that she has a boyfriend

Whichever one she goes for is the same as saying a “YES.” Forget how she puts it; even if she has a boyfriend, she wants you. And you can refer to my manual on how to snatch a girl from her boyfriend.

Start treating her as a Girlfriend and Invite her on dates

The last step to ask a girl to be your girlfriend online is to start taking her out on dates. You have to remember; whether she has a boyfriend or not, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Girls dump their boyfriends once they discover something better than what they are getting at the moment. So it depends on what you want to do with her at this point.

There are so many options;

  • Sleep with her and dump her
  • Date her as a side boyfriend till she breaks up with her main boyfriend
  • Keep being a good friend

Whichever option you take is fine by me, especially the first option – lol. I always choose the first option, and so you should.

So guys, now that you’ve seen my simple process of how to ask a girl you met online to be your girlfriend, you should go ahead and experiment all I have written and see how well it works.

So next time you want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend online, know that it starts with a seduction process. Also, it isn’t hard as people make it seem.

Till the next article, keep smashing em girls down!!!

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